Relgo Cloud Services

Relgo cloud platform delivers the advanced, self-service automation offered by cloud which delivers all the required applications which we can use the data across the cloud such as compliance data, accounts data, device data etc which enables easy and flexible environment by importing the required application with all common data based on customer specification

ANAS - Relgo Digital Currency

What is ANAS?

Anas is relgo digital currency used for simplifing organisations payments and recievables. Organizations can purchase anas and manage their internal payments to employee vendors, seem lessly integrated in to their operations. Anas are directly integrated into accounting transactions and provide compliance for all enterprise transactions.
End user can use anas as wallet to do their payments, purchases, manage their benificiaries and also get compliance report for
all their transactions.
Organizations can directly deposit their salaries in to employee wallets directly.
Anas value varies based on the currency in indian rupees it is 6.25 per ana. The store lists the anas in various countries for purchasing.

How To Use ANAS

You can purchase the Anas from store using bank tranfer, online , offilne or through cash. Once you load the anas you can use anas to purchase licenses and any other products like regular currency.


  • It provides great convinience in payments,reciets and transfer of money with no extra fee.
  • Anas with INR or equivalent currency can encash any time you need and you can even gift to the third person.
  • Anas enable simplified way to exchange services and proceeds.
  • Once you load the currency you don’t need to use your debit or credit card while purchasing the licenses.

My Anas App

You have my anas app through login in to Relgo Operations Cloud and also available in mobile application.