Effected changes on_Nov_29th_2019


1) CPQ items price name issue cleared
2) Update relation changes.
3) Minisite login and register Changes(Mobile app urls).
4) Member registration issue is cleared
5) Invoice generation After payment completion changes completed
6) Validation added while creating Survey.
7) Edit survey not working issue cleared.
8) Changes in CPQ  Items (Based on quantity total price is updating)
9) CPQ Missing Issue Cleared
10) Redirecting to member form in minisite issue cleared
11) Abcon store logo in mobile issue and store items UI changes.
12) Market Place Changes(Handled html tags issue in price name field)
13) In Relgo.com, Token creation Changes.(email verification)
14) Order Policy issue is Cleared(Bugid: 71088,71089)
15) Bug id:- 71082  issue cleared (without filling Applicant Details, Bussiness Details it was redirecting to Aayushmanbhava store)
16) After autorefresh, relation and  norelation mail is not opening issue resolved.
17) Token delete issue cleared and generate identity button
enable after entering verification pin.
18) Store page logo changes, Categories arrow added and 
Minisite help text added and ui changes. 
19) Total Amount  Decimal Issue Cleared
20) Market Place Changes(Handled If Item Doesn't have Currency ,Price And Item Not Added in Inventory)

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